Make life easier

Bus card

okey, Green travel is very convenient

Bank card

okey, Card package management

Entrance guard card

okey, Encrypted storage is more secure

Mobile receipts

okey, NFCPay the card at sight

Collect from okey

Bus card

Multi-functional NFC, okey is a bus card

Open the bus card online and change freely in all parts of the country
The real "bus card" supports 200+ cities throughout the country.
The recharge is not crowded, the okey one key recharge

Bank card

Okey is a bank card, and the payment is more reassuring

Built-in SE security chip, financial security protection
Smart bank package, management is so convenient
The payment is easy to pay, the payment is very simple
Combination of hardware and software, security and security

Entrance guard card

Okey brushing entrance guard, entering and leaving more easily

There s okey, and you don t worry about forgetting the access card
Bus card / bank card can also be used for entrance guard

Receivables terminal

Okey, redefine the MPOS

Okey card receipts, POS upgrade
The length and width of the POS is only 38mm, and the machine is loaded into the pocket
Comprehensive acceptanceApple pay/Samsung pay/HUAWEI pay/MI pay